Right from the first grape…

On the sharp and steep banks of the Douro, blessed both by the sun and by the art of man, the vines produce a nectar worthy of even the very finest tables.

AThe archaeological fame of the Douro predates its wine making reputation. In fact, this region hosted many peoples who discovered the riches of the subsoils. They dug for gold and tin, which were not only found in abundances but also available for extraction by the rudimentary means prevailing in pre-historical times.

From tin to wine was but a step. And, on the left bank of the River Pinhão, there stands the ancestrally recognised “Quinta do Estanho” estate, named after the Portuguese word for the mineral that once proliferated here. Following the underground mining, vine cultivation began to emerge.


One of the buildings that serve as the logo for the Estate’s products

There was a great deal of arduous labour that saw our forefathers extend their reach out over these slopes, building terraces, planting vines of noble castes. Thanks to a favourable microclimate and an altitude of 300 metres, they were also able to produce nectars worthy of getting Quinta do Estanho included within the first ever “Vinhos de Feitoria” demarcation.. This designation was handed down in 1757 by Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, Marquis of Pombal, and Prime Minister to King José I.

Imbued with the ancestral family tradition of cultivating vines and producing wines,  down through history, the Quinta do Estanho estate has produced genuine wines able to reconcile ancient practices with the most advanced technologies, which endows them with nobility and distinction..

Take a voyage through your senses, led by the flavours and aromas that only tradition and the great family passion for wine are truly able to bestow.

Some brief notes

The family company also markets the Quinta dos Corvos wines, retailed from its cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia;

After three decades as a Producer – Bottler – Exporter, JAQC and his family are also traders in Port and the wines of the Douro.

Throughout its existence, Quinta do Estanho has been invited to participate in various initiatives and commemorations. The estate correspondingly developed a range of Wines and Special Packs. Examples include the 1st Official Port of the Fantasporto Festival, a commemorative pack for the 40th Anniversary of the Vitor Jara Brigade and annually producing the Vintage Port Solidarity Pack, which support various charity and welfare institutions.

Quinta do Estanho has also picked up over one hundred Quality Awards and Prizes and regularly features in the national and international press.

The Quinta do Estanho 30-year Port has already twice been considered as among the best Ports of the year.

The Quinta do Estanho 1996 Vintage Port features on a stamp collection issued by the Republic of San Marino – Wines of Europe, representing Portugal.

Quinta do Estanho has been immortalised in the novel “Deixei-te o Sorriso em Casa” by the journalist / writer António Santos.

Jaime Acácio Queiroz Cardoso was the second Douro Producer – Bottler – of Port.

Quinta do Estanho holds a presence across five continents and over twenty countries.